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Working towards a cleaner world.

Cleaner World Crew is on the forefront of the environmental justice movement by providing free home assessments to low income residential neighborhoods, businesses, and government buildings. We partner with Project Warm to assess homes and buildings for energy consuming damages such as faulty roofs, damaged door frames, weather stripping, and drafty windows.

Our work helps people save on energy costs and prevent future energy loss. We give students the necessary tools to get their Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot License. Our drone pilots assess roofs and inside homes for physical damages that may be contributing to energy loss and high energy bills. 

Our Cleaner World Crew is also working towards environmental education. We look to educate others about issues surrounding sustainability, environmental justice, and the climate crisis. Environmental education is a key component in the sustainability movement. Our crew will educate their peers, participate in community outreach, and essentially become an "influencer" in sustainability. During assessments, our crew also provides advice on how to conserve energy in their home or building specific to their home or building. 

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Get Involved

We offer three ways you can get involved with Cleaner World Project. Let us help you identify potential problems with your roof, become a member and get your Part 107 Commercial Drone License, or donate and support our Cleaner World Crew. 


Book a Drone Inspection

Do you think you have damage to your roof? We can help identify damage and provide you with resources to address any potential problems!

Become a Member

Are you looking for a summer opportunity or interested in getting your foot into the environmental field? We are currently hiring members for our 2023-2024 session!

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Support Our Mission

Do you want to support our drone pilots and contribute to the cleaner world mission? Consider donating to our amazing cause!

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