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The Cleaner World Project is taking the first step toward addressing global challenges with a local approach. The Cleaner World Project is a grassroots organization that aims to create sustainable solutions for climate change, waste management, and energy crisis in low-resource areas. Through our innovative approaches, our mission is to reach thousands of people in need and improve quality of life in their communities.


Our long-range strategic plan involves Sustainability Consultation and Training for service to our education partners ranging from Elementary Schools to Universities. We also will be responding at a moment’s notice with disaster relief efforts, providing electricity, clean water, and assisting with the rebuilding process. Along these same lines, we are also targeting underdeveloped neighborhoods to establish the energy infrastructure they need to thrive in the future.


We have made enormous strides in addressing our global environmental challenges with local solutions. Your support of the Cleaner World Project right now, is much more than just a single step. It is a paver in the path for a cleaner world for generations to come.

We experienced several significant achievements in 2022:

  • Secured our IRS 501c3 Nonprofit Status – making all donations tax deductible

  • Launched our Cleaner World Crew initiative in Louisville, KY serving the 7 surrounding counties with education and practical solutions on environmental sustainability and renewable energy for residential and school based with an emphasis on disadvantaged neighborhoods

  • Became a service site partner with the Environmental Education Leadership Corps AmeriCorps program to receive support to place 36 young adults (high school and college students) as part of the Cleaner World Crew. This support is the equivalent of $195,000 federal dollars, and these students receive a member living allowance ranging from $6,750 to $23,103 and a Segal Education Award (scholarship) based on the number of service hours they receive.

  • Received $67,500 from KentuckianaWorks to supplement the living allowances of high school Cleaner World Crew members to ensure recruitment from disadvantaged populations.

  • Secured partnerships with Shawnee High School, Atherton High School, Mercy Academy, and the University of Louisville (Speed Engineering School, Business School, and Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research)


Let’s Work Together

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